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About Smile Programs

Providing Dental Care to Children Who Need It Most

Smile Programs was founded more than a decade ago to help children who were unable to access dental care and as a result, often suffered from poor oral hygiene, tooth decay, pain and associated medical problems. Services are delivered directly in the school setting which alleviates the time and transportation burden on parents and provides a safe, secure and often fun environment for the children.

According to the Surgeon General of the United States and many other well documented studies, tooth decay is the most common disease in children and more than 60 percent of all children do not see a dentist during the year.

Smile Programs employs state licensed and credentialed dentists, hygienists and assistants who use state-of-the-art portable equipment to provide all services onsite, directly in the school or in a self-contained mobile dental facility on site at the school. If portable equipment is used, classrooms, auditoriums or other school venues are literally transformed into fully functional dental offices for the day. Our expertise, obtained in part through its long experience in providing mobile dental services as well as its highly qualified staff, enables it to provide the highest level of care with a minimum level of disruption in the normal school routine.

Smile Programs is currently active in 24 states and has ongoing strategic partnerships with Detroit Public Schools, Chicago Public Schools, the School District of Philadelphia, Boston Public Schools, Baltimore City Public Schools, Indianapolis Public Schools, Cleveland Public Schools, LA Unified Schools, Prince George's County Public Schools, Washington DC Public Charter Schools, Phoenix Area Public Schools, and St. Louis Pubic Schools as well as many others.

Smile Programs currently provides dental and oral health care to over 500,000 children a year, bringing bright smiles to these children and sincere gratitude from their parents, school nurses, health and administrative personnel.  Given the ongoing lack of access for many under served children across the country, our services are in great demand and we invite you to apply to become a member of our dedicated dental team.

Join us in our mission of bringing dental services to children who need it most. View our job postings and apply online or call (888) 960-6351 to find out about open dental positions in your area.


 “Doing public health dentistry is giving back to the community.  You might be surprised at how much happiness you can get.  What you put in it, is exactly what you get back from it!”

“This is a way to introduce Dentistry to a portion of our population who may never receive regular dental care.”

“The personal satisfaction you derive from seeing a young child have a positive experience at their first dental visit.”

“Just seeing the smiles on these children and the stories they tell about their young life experiences!”

“Our hygienists are now my work family.  Working so long with the same women makes me happy.  I know their lives, I know how the day is going to go.”

 “For personal reasons, the hours for mobile dentist are wonderful.  Most days since my son's school lets out so late I can be there for him.  And I love to be able to be a mom and still have a career.”

 “It is fun working with kids in schools in a safe environment where they feel more relaxed and open to let you provide these essential dental services.”

 “Great staff. Very competent and a pleasure to work with.  Whoever does the hiring should be commended.”

 “Get paid to have fun. To be clear, this is hard work but at the end of the day you feel great about what you have just accomplished.  I still work in private practice but look forward to my days working for mobile dentists.”


Rewarding work. Competitive compensation. Smile Programs.